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corporate culture
When does uncertainty become the best friend of all?

We are living in a world of constant change and even more disruption is welcoming us on the edge to the future. What we know, is we have to be engaged in this ongoing transition, in order to have both hands on the steering wheel. Corporate culture can be your competitive advantage.

I want to accompany you throughout a process to productivity, to increasing well-being and to making you an enthusiastic leader.

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What if there was potential in you that you haven't seen?

Which leadership style is yours and how does it fit to the different characters and levels of maturity in your team? 

We can bring your talent and great tools together to make leadership a more joyful and effective part of your job.

Working one-on-one is a gift for me and my goal is seeing you and your team grow through you!

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culture & Innovation
How can we design a more creative environment?

Implementing an innovation driven approach in a company means going from A to B in a totally different manner. The journey starts with a new way of observing ideas and opportunities as they appear and finally leads to products and services that clients really want.

Agility is widely talked about nowadays. I will show you that it also works in your organization.

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When we talk about leadership, why don't we talk about self-leadership?

Our mental health is crucial for being physically fit and productive. So why accepting high rates of sick leave and low satisfactionThe side-effects of stress reduction through mindfulness are a better understanding of emotions and thoughts (self-leadership) and increased faculties such as empathy and compassion (leadership).

Together we can bring Mindfulness into your company in a

2-day training with hands-on elements and lifelong benefits.

As for the rest, I co-founded the Mindful Leadership Circle. Follow us here.

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Konstantin Döpping

Transformation trainer

My passion is developing systems by changing mindsets, patterns and beliefs. Making organizations places of satisfaction, creativity and productivity is the greatest gift at the end of a process. 

Co-founder of the Mindful Leadership Circle

The Mindful Leadership Circle is a non-profit professional network of leaders and experts who strive to bring more mindfulness and compassion into organizations, society, and self.

School development

I finished school with a feeling of dissatisfaction. Why? Because I was hardly supported regarding my talents and needs. At Initiative Neues Lernen e.V. we help schools to be prepared for the challenges of today and tomorrow. 


In the past years I have been supported by several companies and consultants such as TAM AkademieLORENZO Consulting and Fritz Walter.


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