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Corporate Culture and innovation are soft terms - hard to put into words, but crucial for success. By breaking it down into its elements, we can start shaping it to your and your employees' concepts. Are you looking for a groundbreaking change of your company or do you want to apply an innovative approach?

Define the challenges that you are facing by using the elements and questions below:


Weak working atmosphere is developing in the form of dissatisfaction, spreading rumours, high expectations and low productivity.

Mission Statements

Do you want to manifest what you believe in? Mission statements are a great tool to tell the world who you are.


Values define the way we act and think. They are especially valuable if extracted from the company's core.


Processes are given birth the time they were needed the first time. But often they are less effective than expected and lead to friction and being busy instead of being productive. 


Mindfulness is a tool and an attitude. Everyone can apply mindfulness for gaining increased self-leadership, leadership, awareness and compassion. Skills that for business and for life.


Creativity means knowing the tools, in order to get ideas and make them work.  Start being creative and launch better products and services.




Are you facing challenges that are not listed above?


Think of a situation, when you felt most alive as a member of this company. What happened?


Think of three strengths, that are shaping your company. What are they? How is the company, when it is at its best?


Can you describe an image of a desired future of your company or a team? Where do you see in two years from now?

By answering the following questions you can get a better understanding of who you are as an organization. They are also a preparation for a personal meeting.



THEORY U is a management method that provides "presencing" - seeing the future as it emerges.

DESIGN THINKING/LEAN START-UP are tested and effective approaches for innovation-driven work.

APPRECIATIVE INQUIRY is based on positivity and the appreciation of what is already there. 

OPEN SPACE/FUTURE SEARCH are large group methods, that foster openness, exchange and the power of peers.

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